Software project manager and developer

About me

My name is Yordi. I am a Dutch Software Developer living in Amsterdam. I learned it myself, after years of work experience in the area of Site's / Software. I started with Spigot Developer in 2013.

Ever since I was a child, I've been obsessed with 'connecting' things together. Many of my early day projects were things I needed. I would not stop working on these projects until I surpassed existing alternatives. This is a mentality that I've kept for the rest of my career.

Bukkit projects

A very significant portion of my programming career was as a Bukkit plugin developer. Bukkit is a server-side framework for the game "Minecraft". Written in Java, it allows for third party plugins to interact with the closed-source game client.

My speciality and interest sparked in trying to figure out ways to utilize everything at the server's disposable to achieve the best goal as possible. I created several popular plugins that were known for their performance and capabilities that were previously deemed impossible.