Terms of Service

Last updated: Oct 16, 2019

Welcome to iYordiii's Terms of Service

The following terms apply to the company site and individual services provided by iYordiiiDev. Other services may expand on these terms.

General Information

These are the general terms and conditions for the user of any iYordiii's Development Service.

  • You are not allowed to abuse or exploit this site or any of the public services with the intent to harm. In case you discover vulnerabilities you are kindly asked to contact me in private.

Cookies Policy

Cookies help us to improve the user experience of our site and services.

SpigotMC.org related terms

Terms of Service regarding the use and purchase of software on the site SpigotMC.org can be found here:

  • All rights received: The copyright owner holds all rights to the products.
  • Distribution is not allowed: You are not allowed to distribute the products. This applies both to the binaries or any sources. Illegal distribution can lead to legal action.
  • Updates: You will receive future updates for free. It is however possible that future 3rd party extensions will be sold separate. However these will never take away existing features.
  • Decompilation is not allowed: Decompiling any products is not allowed. API's are available and documented for interfacing.
  • Support rejection: Support can be rejected if you are using plugins that are illegally obtained. Even if the plugin/product you are asking support for is purchased. They can cause misbehavior on your server or the plugin and will therefor not fall under the support.
  • Configuration services/sales are allowed: You are allowed to offer your services in creating configuration files. This means you are allowed to sell standalone configuration files. You may - however never distribute the plugin itself.
  • Refunds are not allowed: Refunds are not allowed in any circumstances. If a refund is made and lost by the buyer we will not add the user to the buyers again. Users that win a charge back will be blocked from using any of my plugins in the future.


Any questions about this Terms of Service should be addressed to info@iyordiiidev.com