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didjee2 | Dieter Blancke
Java, C++ & Web Developer
You'll find me coding or playing League Of Legends.

About me

I am Dieter Blancke, a 18 year old who lives in Belgium.
I study Systems & Software Engineering & I make Spigot plugins in my free time. I've been programming for over 3 years mostly in Java & C++ now.

I'm also a gamer, and mostly on League of Legends, same name: didjee2

My Projects

BungeeUtilisals BungeeUtilisals provides a bunch of commands and systems, from /glist to Chat Controls. It also provides a huge API and various utilities. Learn more »

VoteSender VoteSender is a simple utility which allows you to send votes received by Votifier to other Votifier Servers. Usefull for big networks. Learn more »

Title, Tab & Actionbar Title, Tab & Actionbar API is a simple API which uses reflection to provide methods which should work from 1.8 - 1.12.2. Learn more »


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SpigotMC: didjee2
Discord: didjee2#7767